samedi 21 avril 2012

Code Orange Kids-Cycles

Code Orange Kids are a bunch of young guys from Pittsburgh and they got a lot of underground attention after releasing (on Mayfly records) in october 2011 this EP called Cycles.
This Ep is actually really good so it' really well deserved interest, it carries a sense of urgency  and a lot of freshness and intensity, with a really good blend of crushing and fast hardcore and good melodies in a kind of posy punk vein. A very solid debut EP and it's no surprised that their debut album planned for 2012 will be released by Deathwish records.

listen to Cycles on their BC page.

and Here (on Amercian aftermath  is their new video for a new song called My body is a well from their coming split with Full of hell.
and you can stream the entire split Here on

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