dimanche 15 avril 2012

Nadiwrath-Nihilitic stench

Nadiwrath comes from Greece and plays a kind of melodic trashy black metal mixed with d-beat punk and a rocking feeling. In that style it is really good, the opening track, darkness has lost its meaning, never fails to put a stupid smile on my face and makes me headbang (and the other songs don't disapoint either). Great beats and cool riffing, rocking metal at its coolest. The record, released in 2011 and called Nihilistic stench is a bit in a Dissection meets Impaled nazarene meets Sodom meets Carpathian forest vein.
If you like your black metal only uber serious and uber grim then Nihilistic stench is not for you (or don't take Nadiwrath as black metal). If you just like cool riffing with blast and D beats then you'll be delighted by this record!

Nadiwrath's Myspace. (yes, old school!)

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