vendredi 27 avril 2012

Dephosphorus/Wake split 7''EP

Both bands featured on this split made a great impresion in 2011, Dephsphorus with Axiom (see review Here) and Wake with Leeches (see review Here). So I had great expectations for it and I'm glad to say that it's a new success for both bands. 6 songs, 3 for each band, all killer, no filler. Prepare for a non stop blastbeats and riffing feast!

The 3 Dephosphorus songs are a really interesting and crushing mix of black metal, grind and crust and the songwriting is really good so it really makes songs, with a distinct Dephosphorus identity and atmosphere, and not a hodgepodge of different elements. Unit is a fast song with an almost slayeresque intensity but keeping the Dephosphorus sound and complexity. the two other songs are more midtempo but also really good. If you want to know more about Dephosphorus (and you really should!) I suggest you read the interview with their singer Panos Agoros that I did last month, Here (below the review for Axiom).
and Here is the BC page for the coming Dephosphorus full lenght (only two songs for the moment).

The songs by Wake are more straightforward, with a less complex songwriting, but they have a cool old school grind/punk vibe, especially Veil of Odin that ends the split.
I'm asking Wake for a written interview, so keep an eye on this post...

The split is released by 7 degrees records

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