vendredi 13 avril 2012

Electric wizard-Legalize drugs & murder

A new Electric wizard 7' (vinyl only) is out on Rise above records it's called Legalize drugs & murder.
The first song is called Legalize drugs and murder is a good song in the vein of the latest EW releases. no surprise but a cool song. About this song thhe band declared :  "…the new song is a definitive statement on the Electric Wizard cult…we demand total freedom and revolution….man, things have got bad , the world is evil…." and concerning their sound "…it has to be primal and violent, y'know cos we wanna get to people..and it had to be anthemic to inspire revolutionary thoughts. We wanted to be Slade and Sabbath meets the Baader-Meinhoff Gang…". Wow!
you can listen to it here.
The other song is a really cool instrumental, sounding like the soundtrack of a horror/giallo/blaxploitation B movie, with a menacing vicious groove, psychedelia and some funky drumming parts. really cool! something different while really sticking to the Electric Wizard identity.

the band :

and the artwork for their latest London show :

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