jeudi 12 avril 2012

Osaka monaurail

Saw this band playing the other day at the Jam in Montpellier (France) and it was really cool, so I post about them, simple as that...thanks to Cosmic groove for organising so many cool shows like this one.
Osaka monaurail are currently touring Europe for their new record State of the world released in january 2012 for Europe. They have been playing funk for now 20 years and they do it with style!
Their funk, musically and on scene, is influenced mainly by the great James Brown, with touches of jazz, rythm n' blues, etc...but they play mostly their own compositions.
But what most striking about them is the energy they display and communicate in their show, their singer Ryeko Nakata seems unstoppable, dancing, singing and playing the keys relentlessly, it's like he just can't stop moving! At the same time the band is playing very tight and funky. it's really a cool live band!
just watch this video to check that!

Osaka monaurail official site (in japanese...)
Osaka monaurail myspace

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