dimanche 15 juillet 2012

Angles-every woman is a tree

Angles is a jazz quintet (sax, trombone, trumpet, vibraphone, double bass and drums) from Sweden. Their music sounds a bit  like a meeting between John Coltrane and Mulatu Astatke (they actualy met in fact, but unfortunately they didn't played together), somewhere between free jazz and Ethio-jazz. The result is brilliant, with quiet beautiful moments but also frenetic full of energy moments. Every woman is a tree (2008) is their first record and it's dedicated to the women's in times of war they are the branches which the children can cling to). They also relesed a live album in 2010 (called Epileptical west), also really good. great songs, tight musicianship, this is a highly recommended record if you like the wild and african inspired jazz.

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