dimanche 1 juillet 2012

Black shape of nexus-Negative black

If you like your music deep black, heavy and noisy you'll be more than pleased by Black shape of nexus (B.son) new record called Negative black (for good reasons!). The first instrumental track starts with distortion, then heavy guitars arrive, and you're in for a long slow sludge/doom torment for the whole record. A torment made of hypnotic droning rythm, heavy and noisy lowwww tuned guitars, a bit of electronics to add more noisy sounds, and a few screamed vocals here and there. between the more hypnotic parts you also have some heavy groove moments. All that makes an impressive record. Highly recommended!

Black shape of nexus BC

Black shape of nexus website

The band agreed to answer to my questions so thanks to them you can read it below: 

-had you a precise idea of the music you’ll play when you formed B.son ?
how do you see the evolution of the band since the first days up to now?

JAN: The idea for forming B.son was to play slow and heavy stuff, nothing
more nothing less. First we had no drummer and no singer, therefore the
songs tended more towards drone. With Marco and Malte joining, the
possibilities grew and until today, we are constantly experimenting with
sound, atmosphere and dynamics.

-do you play or have played in other bands?

STEF: I guess most of us played before in other bands. I have another band
at the moment, which is called GHOST OF WEM. The next release planned for
later this year is a split 12" with SHADOW OF THE TORTURER.

-what about your new record Negative black? How was it written and
recorded/produced? Have you done things differently this time?

JAN: Songs were written through countless rehearsals and recorded by
ourselves. Luckily Ralf, who also plays guitar in B.SON, knows how to get
our sound tracked on tape and therefore we don´t have to enter a studio to
record. I think to only difference in terms of recording is, that Ralf
grows more experienced from recording to recording, so that we are getting
closer and closer to capturing our live sound on record.

STEF: Some of the songs base on riffs that are very old, which have
finally been worked out and arranged. As for the recording process, we
first thought about the opportunity to record in a studio, but then
figured this wouldn't do it for us for serveral reasons.

-how do you see Negative black in the evolution of the band?

JAN: In my opinion the songs are the most "listenable" one we recorded so
far. Still they have a dark edge, which is somehow lurking in the songs.

STEF: Since I joined only one and a half years ago, I just can tell you
about the old songs from a listeners point of view. And i loved the old
stuff and I still really love to play VI or VIIIe which we still do
sometimes live. I guess we moved on, not saying forward or backward. Just
changing in the direction some.

-what about the artwork of the record?

JAN: The artwork was done by our local fellow Sahba Yadegar. He is close
to us for ages, so it seems natural to ask him to do the artwork. Beside
doing art stuff, he´s also active with his band Whalerider. Check them out
at http://www.facebook.com/whaleride.

-how are your live shows? Do you focus more on playing your songs as well
as you can or on trying to make your shows a special and unique sonic experience?

JAN: Haha, when it comes to playing live we are more like Punks. Live
shows are not about playing as good as we can, but living the songs and
creating some kind of emotional catharsis.

STEF: I totally agree with Jan, it's just about realising the energy. Very
punk in many ways!

-with what kind of bands do you play usually? Do you prefer playing with
bands playing music in the same vein or with bands playing something completely
different? Or just playing with cool people no matter what’s their music?

JAN: So far we played with all kind of bands ranging from Hardcore/ Punk
to Metal. Personally I enjoy playing alongside bands I also want to see
for myself. Nothing is more boring than playing with bands, that sound
like 128473rd Isis/ Neurosis clones. YAWN!

-what do you think of the evolution of the doom/sludge/drone scene these
days? exiting...or not that much?

JAN: As in other genres there are good bands and bands that tend to bore
me. Ones I like recently are Magic Circle or Lazarus Blackstar. In
addition I´m looking forward to the new Samothrace LP!!!

-on you site you state clearly that your are anti fascist /anti sexist in
order not to be confused with some fascist bands. Is this a big problem in Germany
these days, or is it just in the area where you’re from? (edit :  my question wasn't clear enough. I meant  : is it encountered more often than usual where you are? I also think that everywhere it is a problem).

JAN: It´s not about it being a problem or not, it´s about making a stand.
Politics are a part of all our lives and we don´t want to be part of any
right-wing activities. So if you are a nazi dumbass, don´t come to our
shows, don´t buy our records, because we hate you!

-what is planned for Black shape of nexus for the rest of 2012 and for the

JAN: Playing shows, having fun, staying untrue.

-which bands from your area (or not) would you recommend?

MARCO: Venom!
JAN: Orcus Chylde, Salvation, Hoax, Bitterness Exhumed, Slump and A Place
To Bury Strangers
STEF: Dark Tharr, Attention Armageddon, Crowskin, Gunmob, Planks, Glasses!

-want to add something?

JAN: Thanks for your interest!

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