lundi 23 juillet 2012

Shoveit!-Hated by all

Shoveit! from the UK just released this grindpunk record (grindpunk/powerviolence with a a drum machine) called Hated by all. It's fifteen tracks (the longest one is 36 seconds!) full of grinding groove and sonic violence with typical grind vocals, a huge chainsaw like guitar sound and grind/d-beat rythm with the drum machine. It's their first record (after a demo) and it's really a cool start. such a loud and abrasive music can sure be hated by lot of people but I'm sure that grind lovers like me will like it!

judge it by yourself, check it on their BC page

and read this interview with Simon (vocals and drums) from the band :

-to start with can you present the band and its music ?

yeah we are shoveit! simon (vocals & drums) and greg (vocals and guitar) from the depths of south england, and we play fast raw grinding punk violence or try to!!

-you just released your first (if we don’t count the demo) record, can you describe it?

an all out assault from start to finish. we wanted to make something that from when you pressed play you didnt wanna turn off.

-can you tell us how the songs were written/recorded/produced?

basically guitar and drums were laid down first, then lyrics and vocals last. we recorded about 41 songs and 18 made the original cut for hated by all, then we took 3 tracks off which didnt go well in the end. we have around 20 more tracks that will see the light of day at some point.

-are you going to tour to present this new record? How are your live shows?

this is hard due to family and work commitments. but we have a couple of festivals lined up over here in the uk. and when we can we will play as many shows as possible.

-in your opinion what is grindcore? Why do you like it?

grindcore to me is all about raw no holds barred passion. ive always loved the no frills bare essentials side to it, you dont get from conventional metal. ive always loved that l.a powerviolence scene. bands like despise you, dropdead, lack of interest to name a few. it represents everything enjoy about this kind of music.

-are you coming from a metal background or a punk background, or both?

if im honest my roots are all over the place. i love it slow, and fast.

-what are the lyrics of the songs about?

29 years on this planet, and all the shit that comes with it. broken promises, and bullshit tradition.

-the visual for your records are different, are you tired of the typical grind/crust records cover arts with grey photography of war/starving children or stuff like that?

i wouldnt say it is different. i just had a concept for what i wanted the release to represent and i think we captured it well. like i said before the album is about everyday struggle and being put down from the moment you wake till you go to sleep for it to all start again, and being strong enough to overcome it.

-which bands from your area would you recommend?

one of my favourite bands from our small area has to be "Cachexic" (who just until recently split up). theres a few other bands up and coming who i like "Human Cull" is one, and "Cast Iron Jaw".

-is the UK a good place for playing grind?

yes and no, its hard anywhere to play shows when you are in the "scene" but when you do its hell of alot of fun, although there are alot of posers, people who come to the shows majorily love the music and respect the bands.

-any last words?

thanks for the support its meant alot and keeps us going to make more music. look for our next release before the end of the year, either and album or split or both. big thanks for Blastingdays peace

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