lundi 30 juillet 2012

XII Boar-Split tongue cloven hoof

XII Boar is UK's new heavy metal juggernaut. These guys are determined to bring down anything that would stand in their way. Just listen to their latest EP Split tongue cloven hoof and you'll see that they have what is needed for doing so. They have the firepower, and they have the groove. And I mean a massive groove.
need proof? just listen to it HERE

And read this interview with their drummer Dave Wilbraham :

-to start with can you present the band? Is the name XII boar because the music you play is mighty and wild?

Haha yeah you could say that! Whilst that's completely true, the name XII Boar (pronounced 'Twelve Boar') is actually a play on words. It's in reference to a 12 bore shotgun. It's a powerful, blasting and unstoppable weapon, which is something that our music shares with it's namesake.
The band was formed back in early 2010 by the three of us; Tommy Hardrocks (Guitar & Vocals), Adam Thomas (Bass & Vocals) and myself - Dave Wilbraham (Drums). We all shared a taste for serious groove-laden riffage, dirty bass lines and pure, balls to the wall rock n' roll. So we jammed in the rehearsal room for about a year finding 'our sound' before releasing our debut EP - 'XII' - in January 2011. 
Since then it's been a non-stop hurricane of gigging and blowing the roof off every venue we encounter! 

-do you play or have played in other bands?

Well I currently also play in an straight-up doom metal band called Witchsorrow, but the three of us collectively have all played in bands together in the past. Myself and Adam used to be in a hardcore band called Digital Autopsy for many years, which eventually fizzled out. After that we were in and out of various groups. Actually, a couple of years before we started XII Boar, we created the first incarnation of the band under the name of Black Wizard, it only lasted a few months but it was essentially a primitive, stripped down version of the band we are today.

-what can you say about 'Split Tongue, Cloven Hoof'?

'Split Tongue, Cloven Hoof' is a 20 minute full-on assault of big time stoner groove, searing thrash attacks and furious bluesy riffs. In four sweet tracks we've honed our sound and delivered a punishing taster of things to come. If you wanna know what XII Boar's all about, then crack this bad boy on and find out! 
It's completely free to download from our website too over at

-you released two short records, when will be the time for your first full length?

We're currently working on it as you read this! The plan is to release our first full-length by the start of 2013. We've written about five new tracks so far, which are absolute bangers! It's everything people come to want from XII Boar - slamming grooves, thundering riffs, blistering solos - but so much more. We're setting out to define who were are as a band. To those who've never heard us and to those who have, we want everyone to know that we mean serious business and that XII Boar are gonna reshape the face of the metal/stoner scene.

-I think one of your strengths is that you bring back the classical heavy metal guitar solo into stoner/groove metal, do you agree?


-To follow the same idea I think your music sounds really rooted in classical heavy metal/hard rock, but at the same time feature more modern elements (the fat guitar sound, the vocals). Is it intentional or just a result of your different influences?

It was never intentional to write the music that we do, it all happened very organically. Obviously we're gonna take influence from the bands were grew up listening to and the music we like today, but we've never sat down and said "Hey, let's write a riff that sounds exactly like Clutch". It's more a case of getting in the studio and just jamming anything and everything until something sticks. 
Our individual influences do help, we're not just into rock/metal, we're inspired by all kinds of music; for example Tommy used to play in a reggae band! I think what gives us our own sound is the fact that we're not afraid to step outside the boundaries of our genre, too many bands are so fixated on being 'true' to their style by sticking to that well-trodden formula, we just think; fuck that we'll do whatever we like! I mean you don't hear any other stoner rock bands throwing in thrash riffs, double kick drums and slayer solos! You can't be afraid to try new things, we've always just played riffs that make us want to bang our heads and crack open an ice cold beer.

-you say that 'Split Tongue, Cloven Hoof' - “is the kind of EP that has Orange Goblin and Motorhead looking over their shoulders”, do you really thinks that one day you could headline and play with Motorhead as support band?

Definitely! You've always got to believe in what you do 100%, if there's any doubt in your mind then you might as well pack up your gear and call it a day now. If you always think positively then there's no limit to what you can achieve. So those big boys had better watch their backs!

-when will you tour Europe? And the USA?

We'd love to tour outside of the UK! Right now, we're trying to find a label who'll help us on our way. But we'd jump at any opportunity to play abroad, we just wanna smash the hell out of as many venues as we can and spread our music to the far reaches of the globe. We're constantly getting emails and facebook messages from fans in different countries sending their praise and asking when we'll tour their country and the answer is: All in good time, it won't be long now!

-which bands from the UK would you recommend?

There's so many great bands out there in the UK at the moment, too many to mention here really. But some you have to check out are Steak, Wolfshead, Grifter, Limb, Diesel King, Desert Storm, Gurt, Slabdragger... the list goes on!

-tell us a joke!

What do you call a cat in a pharmacy?
Puss in Boots!

(This is currently Adam's favourite joke...)

-what is planned for XII boar in 2012?

Loads! We're actually working on a stop-gap release between the full length being finished and now. This is all a bit hush-hush at the moment so I won't mention too many details, but it's going to be a split vinyl with another band we know rather well...

-something to say in conclusion?

Just wanna say thanks to every who's supported us over the last year and a half; the fans, the bands, the promoters. Anyone who's given us the time of day basically. Cheers to you guys, 2012 has been one hell of a year so far and it's only going to get better. Let the good times roll, see you on the road!

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