jeudi 6 décembre 2012

Cattle decapitation-Monolith of inhumanity (2012)

When it comes to death metal I'm usually inclined to the old school more than to the modern and technical death metal and I confess that I paid little attention to the previous Cattle decapitation records. But when you're listening to a record like Monolith of inhumanity, their seventh full lenght released in 2012, you're compelled to recognise its greatness. Impredictible and innovative (they dared adding some weird melodies and clean vocals giving some songs a surprising nearly industrial vibe) they are clearly playing their own brand of death metal allying a faultless technique to a clever songwriting. They kept their mastering of the brutal death grooves and sucessfully added new intersesting elements to it. many songs on the record would deserves a few words, as well as the video clips they made, but I prefer letting you discover it all by yourself. don't fail to do it, Monolith of inhumanity is really a special and awesome record. 

Cattle decapitation website

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