samedi 1 décembre 2012

Deathspell omega-Drought (2012)

Deathspell omega is a band very respected as a leading figure among the bands that opened new paths for the black metal genre and widened its scope.  the EP Drought released last summer by Season of mist won't be remembered as one of the most experimental and innovative record of Deathspell omega. Anyway it is a really good record, combining with talent the brutality of black metal and more melodic / ambient post rock moments, moments that on Drought have a kind of "americana" feel, a kind of "desert black metal" vibe, associating warmth and darkness. Maybe that "desert" vibe is the new element in the Deathspell omega sound brought by Drought. not a radical change in DO music, but more like a new step in the exploration of its very own style. like any DO records, if you like quality and ambitious extreme music, it's pretty sure you'll find somehing that you'll like in it.

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