vendredi 7 décembre 2012

The kill-make' em suffer (2012)

Australian metal bands knows what extreme means. The kill is another proof of that. Their grindcore is completely straight to your face and relentless with hyper fast blastbeats all the time, trashy riffing forward in the mix and with a sharp cutting sound, and frenzied shrieking vocals. All that makes their latest full lenght Make'em suffer (their first in fact even if they formed more than ten years ago) released this october a really cool and enjoyable listening. Their cover of Slayer's necrophobic is not a surprise due to the trash metal influence in the guitar playing but it's a well done cover and I can't complain if bands cover such a cool song by one of my favourite bands.

The kill's FB

2 commentaires:

  1. I love this band so much. I'm glad that they're finally starting to get the recognition that they deserve.

  2. I discovered them with this record, but I'll try to listen to what they did before, if it's as good as this one it will be worth it..
    chances are taht Make em' suffer will find it's way to my end year list of the best records..