lundi 17 décembre 2012

Desolate shrine-The sanctum of human darkness (2012)

Desolate shrine is a finnish death / doom band. I really liked their previous and first record, Tenebrous towers, released last year so I had big expectations for this brand new one called The sanctum of human darkness and released two days ago by the excellent Dark descent records.
I cannot say yet if it's better than Tenebrous towers or not, but I can already say that it's high quality music that deserves some attention.
Still a lot of mid tempo heaviness with a songwriting inclined to "epicness". maybe it's now a bit more subtle, more sophisticated (some discreet keyboards parts here and there), I feel that they explored more their doom dimension than their old school death metal one (but you still have the death vocals, some blastbeats parts, etc). since the result is a really good, rich and complex record, I'm ok with it. I have a feeling that it's a record that is revealing it's "niceties" bit by bit listen after listen...And I think Desolate shrine is a band that is quickly becoming a classic in their musical style (at least they deserve it).

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