mercredi 12 décembre 2012

Graveyard-Lights out (2012)

Not easy for Sweden's Graveyard to follow such an excellent album as Hisingen blues. and my first impressions about Lights out were a bit mixed. first the ugly cover art. then it's definitely less rocking than Hisingen blues. but is it really a problem? well I think a few more rocking song on the record would have made it more enjoyable maybe. but after a few listen you realise it's still a really cool record, and maybe they were right in choosing to develop another side of their sound. this time I think the focus is on the "hard blues" mood, and they did a really good job in writing new songs that sound like good ol' classics (try Slow motion countdown, the suits, the law & the uniform, endless night) from the hard blues band of the seventies, with a more modern twist to it. They can do more rocking songs on their next record, or try more psychedelia, or whatever direction they want, as long as they keep such a high quality level in the songwriting, the musicianship, the sound, and even the cool lyrics, then that's ok with me...highly recommended.

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