mardi 4 décembre 2012

Kill the client / Feastem split (2012)

Kill the client and Feastem are releasing a split 12'' vinyl record on the occasion of their common european tour. two really cool grindcore band so I expected quality...and wasn't disappointed. With eight track each they confirms the good opinion I had about them.
Kill the client is quite well known, they are masters at producing a really intense and dense grind (and Brian Fajardo behind is no stranger to it with his usual breath taking relentless and precise drumming).

Feastem from finland are less known but attracted some deserved attention with their latest record called World delirium. what they plays is a ferocious grind, less dense than Kill the client, but that does not means it's less good. just it's more punk / hardcore oriented, more old school grind.

with two bands like that it's no surprise that this split is among the best grind split of the year.

Kill the client side on BC

Feastem side on BC

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