lundi 22 avril 2013

Bastard sapling-Dragged From Our Restless Trance (2012)

I'm not that much into pure black metal but this record is truly excellent and really pleasing to listen to (yes pleasing sounds a bit bizarre for black metal but..). Bastard sapling is a band from Richmond (US) with guitarists from Inter-arma and it their ability at finding cool riffs and good songriting is found in both bands. Bastard sapling can be described as old school black metal except it's not so grim, in fact it reminds me more of the epic side of Immortal or Emperor. Dragged from our restless trance is four long songs and each one is different and really good. it's black metal but at the same time can satisfy anyone into traditionnal metal (trash, heavy metal, etc..). I really recommend it.

you can listen to it on Bandcamp.


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