dimanche 28 avril 2013

Detroit-Reality denied (2013)

Detroit was in my "best grind record list" for 2012 (you can have a look at this list HERE and HERE's my review of the record, with an interview)  so I was really pleased to receive a message from their drummer about their new album, Reality denied. and it turns out that Detroit's fastcore / grind is still really exiting and fuelled with all the energy and intensity that is needed in this kind of music. and the "icing on the cake" is that this sonic destruction comes with a welcome diversity and unpredictability in the songwriting that keeps you stuck in Reality denied's whirlwind. with this album Detroit are confirming their well deserved status as a band that really matters in the grinding hardcore scene. the only weakness in the album is the two noisy / improvised tracks at the end, but at least they tried (and well, the first one is ok actually but the second one is two long) and I'd say that since it's at the end of the album it's more useless that annoying (and maybe you'll like it..). 

Very highly recommended!

you can listen / download it for free on their BC page
if you like it supports them one way or another!

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