mercredi 10 avril 2013

Whoresnation (self titled, 2012)

Whoresnation is a new crust/grind band from Besançon (France). They released last year their first self titled album and, even if it has some of the usual flaws of first albums, like a production that could be better,  it's a solid first album. all the attitude and straightforward agression of crustgrind is well displayed on the album, so if you like this kind of stuff I advice you to check and follow this band. the cover art which borrow from the famous Delacroix painting La liberté guidant le peuple gives an idea of the sarcasic nature of the critical social comments in their lyrics. their music is not really special, they don't bring something new, but i'd say another cool crust / grind band is always welcome!

here's their Bandcamp page
and website :

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