dimanche 7 avril 2013

O.D.R.A-Karl Denke blues (2012)

O.D.R.A is a band form Wroclaw (Breslau, Poland) and Karl Denke blues, named like after a psycho killer, is their third album. What they play is pure sludge in the NOLA tradition (exept that the singing is in polish!). So what do we have,? acidic shriekings, slow tempo heaviness, sabbathian riffing, a very noisy and dirty guitar sound, some punk accelerations, all that creating a suffocating despreate and nihilisic atmosphere . they do all that the way it should and what they do especially good is keeping the blues base of the sabbath inspired guitar parts, while having at the same time the noisy sound and the punk hardcore parts in their song. so if you like sludge i'm pretty sure you'll like this band.

check it on their BC page.

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