samedi 27 avril 2013

Batillus-Concrete sustain (2013)

Batillus are back with a second full lenght called Concrete sustain. the quality of their first LP, Furnace, and their splits (see HERE my review of their split with Witehorse) put them on the radar of many and it's good to see that they don't disappoint with Concrete sustain. they still offer a very good mix of doom riffing with an industrial sound and atmosphere. it's heavy, cold and bleak. and beautifull.
it sounds a bit like Godflesh playing doom metal or something like that. but while carrying the influences of other bands they develop their own style, their own brand of urban doominess and they do it with style and talent so it's a really good thing.

you can check it on their Seventh rule BC page

and here's their website.

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