mercredi 19 février 2014

Cloud rat - Blind river (2014)

if you're not already into Cloud rat I advise you to begin now because it's the best recent hardcore band. this new release called Blind river, is a compilation featuring both new songs (3 of it) and already released songs (the other 8 songs). the new songs will also features on the yet to be released split with Orgullo primitivo. the already songs are from the Monomaniac comp vol.1 (excellent comp by the way. I reviewed it HERE), the No compromise / earth first comp, and the excellent split with Republic of dreams (reviewed HERE).  with the new songs they carry on bringing us the most intense, tight and relentless hardcore / fastcore and the female vocals are as awesome as usual. they really have one of the best hardcore singer, she combines perfectly agressivity and emotion, in a very personnal way. very highly recommended!

the Bandcamp page.

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