vendredi 7 février 2014

Hail spirit noir - Oi Magoi (2014)

Hail spirit noir from Greece are releasing with Oi Magoi their first full lenght album. after their excellent and original EP Pneuma in 2012 we were many waiting for that (well, many is maybe too much, probably I should say, me and some other bloggers dwelling in the undergound..). and let's say it straight, they didn't disappoint!   Oi Magoi is another fascinating gem, blending with taste progressive 70' rock and black metal. you have the vintage keyboard sound, some atmosphere and rythms reminding King crimson, clean singing, but also black metal singing, a few blast beats here and there and dark occult vibrations. they remind a bit a band like Solefald, but are less going in every direction I would say, they sound more focused. but comparing them is a bit silly anyway, they really have their own unique sound and identity.
highly recommended!

their lastfm page.

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