lundi 24 février 2014

Munly & the Lee Lewis harlots - self titled double LP (2013 reissue)

This album was first released in 2004 by Alternative tentacles and was reissued last year by Pesanta urfolk. Munly & the Lee Lewis harlots plays some finely crafted dark americana, with touches of bluegrass (banjo, strings), rockabilly and some post-punk vibes. it reminds bands like Nick Cave and the Bad seeds, 16 Horsepower (Munly played in a band with David Eugene Edwards before he formed  16 Horsepower) or the softer part of Swans. excellent songwriting, very good dual male / female vocals, and a great atmosphere. I also recommend Munly's most recent releases, "Petr and the wulf" in 2010 with The Lupercalians and in 2011"Unentitled" with the Slim cessna's auto club.

Munly website

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