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Whoresnation - Scum will reign (2014)

Need your daily dose of old school grind?  then this one side 12' (about 10 min of music) by Whoresnation will do! with Scum will reign (yes ol'school grind!) the grinders from Besançon (east of France) delivers their ferocious grind, without much originality but with all the frenetic energy needed. and that's what matters the most! I'm pleased they confirms they good I already told about them (HERE). the french grind scene is growing and Whoresnation is a nice addition to it! (check also Blockheads, Inhumate, Ratbomb, Chiens, Warfuck)

their BC page.

their website.

and here's the interview we did by email :

-can you go back to the origin of the band and tell us how it happened? what was he project at the start and how have you evolved since the beginning of the band?

Lopin : Everything started druing summer 2008 with the ex HCF singer (actual Chiens) and I. We decided to create a new grindcore project. Every member by that time played in different grind bands before, so the idea wasn't really new, I guess what was special back then was the will of starting something sounding Swedish, it was quite new in the French grindcore scene. Whoresnation was born officially in 2009 and we made our first gig this year.

-do you play or have played in other bands?

Pibe : I also play in BLACK CODE which is a mix of Crust, Hardcore and Metal as a vocalist, I sing in GROS SEL, a brand new Mincecore band, GUILLOTINE with whom we play Black Hardcore. And I just started a raw punk d-beat band called Disköse as a drummer. I used to play in XAROS (grindcrust) as well and in different other formations.

Lopin : I used to play in XAROS as well and I also play in ROUGEOT YOUTH (80’s punk hardcore).

Chech : Yes, I play in 2 other bands. One is call Nosoï. It's a brutal death metal band in which Tonio, The drummer of Whoresnation is also playing. And the other one is call Nahbom. A death metal band too!

-how would you describe your new release Scum will reign?

Pibe : I would say that this is one side of 12'' full of violence, with the best sound we ever had. Of course we still need some improvement but for me it's the best thing we got. We really tried our best on that one, we recorded with our friend Michol at our drummer's house, the artwork was made by Arnaud Maniak another great friend of ours and it is released by our long time buddy Mika from Witch Bukkake Records. So we only worked with people we love and we tried once again to keep it as DIY as possible. I would say the song are more elaborated than on the previous release, maybe the lyrics as well.

-what about the lyrics of the songs?

Pibe : Most of the lyrics tackle problems that touch us, it can be quite personal sometimes and often sociopolitical. On Scum will reign I wrote a lot about addictions and their dark sides but also about police brutality, hate, anti-nationalism and idleness. I try to keep lyrics as interesting as I can. I write both in French and English. Even if most of the time lyrics are ready last minute we try to give them a lot of importance.

-how did you get into extreme music? what does grindcore means to you?
Pibe : I am a kid of the internet generation so I got there starting from Neo Metal and then thanks to the boards I finally discover Grindcore and extreme music in general. For me Grindcore is a means of expression, raw and noisy, Grindcore goes hand in hand with DIY and tolerance. Grindcore is not about misoginy, racism or whatever. Grindcore is Punk, Punk is love.

Chech : First I was listening to trash metal. Then I have been listening to lot of death metal bands like Cannibal corpse, Decapitated, Deeds of flesh, Messhugah etc... (and also blues and fusion). However, I think Origin turned me into a more blasting music, and then to Grindcore. To me, it's the most violent music. It breaks not only legs, but also racist ideas. It's more involved in social discussion ( like punk music). If it's not like that, generally it's gore grind, and I don't like that.

-do you feel grindcore relates more to the punk or to metal? or does it stands in between as part of both?

Pibe : I guess it depends on which band we're talking about. I think we belong to the punk circuit. We play more squats than other kind of venue. Our best friends are more into punk and crust I guess.

Lopin : Our music is mostly influenced by extreme metal and hardcore than punk. We are definitely a metal band who play and believe in the punk scene values.

-do you think that the DIY way of action could be a global alternative or do you see it more as a pracical way of growing for an underground band?

Pibe : This is definitely a global alternative. It has it's wrong sides as well. Development and growing are of course important for an underground band but one should never betray DIY. I really hope we will keep working with the labels of our friends and play mostly DIY gigs.

-which bands were more influential for you, either for the music or for other things?

Pibe : I listen a shitload of Mincecore, Punk Rock, Crust etc. I have no real influence concerning the vocals except my first screamo love and Immortal.

Lopin : I can say Burning Heads or Magrudergrind whatever make me feeling happy. I have no special influences in my guitar riffs I just try to keep it fast.

Chech : when I started to play bass, at 13, I just discovered the morbid vision/bestial devastation album of Sepultura.I wanted to play this kind of music. Fortunately, I met some friends who was playing trash metal. I joined their band and I never stop playing since that time

-which bands from your area would you recommend?

Pibe : Human Compost, Dead Ramones, The Irradiates and Jack and the bearded Fishermen. They are all from Besançon, our Hometown with Lopin. Futher I would say Doomsisters, Chiens, Satan, Uhl, Geranium.

Lopin : Black Code, Cruel Friends, Lust For Death, Warfuck.

-what is planned for Whoresnation in the coming months?
Lopin : We gonna tour with Chiens in July and playing at Play Fast Or Don’t Festival. In October we’ll tour two weeks with a canadian band called RetardNation where we gonna play at Bloodshed Fest for the first time. A recording session is coming for a split release and full of unique shows until the end of the year.

-something to add?

Thanks a lot for you interest and hope to see you on the road.

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