samedi 1 février 2014

Convulse - Evil prevails (2013)

Convulse rises from their 18 years (!) slumber to bring some more old school death metal. and indeed it sounds like it could have been done 18 years ago and even older. but it sounds really good so we can thanks the finnish band for doing it again!  simple and raw death metal with a vicious groove. it reminds me a bit of Cannibal corpse's Eaten back to life (yes, it's really old school!). the vocals and the bass sound maybe..
sometimes it's pleasing to hear another band showing that death metal don't need to be super fast and technical. it can also be all about some simple but cool riffing, the groove and a raw and organic sound. Evil prevails (released in november 2013 by Svart records) is just an enjoyable old school death metal record, and when it's as good and cool as this one, that's fine with me!

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their Svart record page

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