mardi 1 mai 2012

Dopefight / Gurt split 

Out just a week ago, this self released split features two tracks by Dopefight from Brighton and two tracks by Gurt from London.

Dopefight plays a cool and agressive stoner/sludge, they released two years ago a really good LP called Buds (read a review of Buds along with an interview  Here), their two songs on this split are in the same vein.

Gurt music can be described as a cool mix of sludge and 70' heavy blues. they released in 2011 a very good LP called Redwin (and also a live album).

If you like heaviness, groove and dirty agressive sludge you should try these bands and check out this split.

The Gurt guys answered by mail to a few questions (thanks lads!). read it below :

-can you present Gurt, its memebers and its history from it’s formation up to now ?

4 Lads who wanted to break away from the norm and combine Blues and Extreme music, these boys were Gareth Kelly (Vocals), Simon Edwards (Drums), Jamie McCathie (Guitar) and John Hughes (Bass)… we spent the last 2 years meeting fellow Doomers and running our own filthy nights to get a legion of sonic titans to rule the UK. Sadly Jamie and John both had to leave our mission to go to other countries to continue the battle. So, we now have our new version 2 line-up with Rich Williams (Guitar) and Dave Blakemore (Bass).

-you released your first full length, Redwin, last year, what can you say about this record?

It was great fun and incredibly well produced for a sludge record, we had a guy (Phil Kinman) mixing and mastering it who had been used to doing a lot of Metalcore bands so it was way out of his comfort zone. But I think that it has a very different sound to what we are like live.

-how did you get to release a split with Dopefight?

We are good friends, as we were lucky enough to be put on the same bill as them early on in our time as a band and have been BFF’s ever since. We both admire each others music greatly so it seemed like the perfect thing to do and luckily it has been a very well received collaboration!

-One of your song in the split was on your live record/DVD, was the other written for he split?

No, both of the songs have been around for quite a long time and it was an excuse to record them. People that have seen our live shows will probably have heard them from as early as April 2011.

-you cover classic rock song, played by Hendrix or Led zeppelin, is it just because you like these song, a way to pay tribute, or a way to highlight the fact that your music is root in the classical blues/rock tradition?

All 3….. We try to cover the really inspirational artists from the 70s but also try to choose songs that people would not normally hear done in such an extreme way.

-seems like your main inspirations are 60/70’ rock and sludge, is that right? How did you get the idea of mixing the two? What are your other influences? How would you describe your music?

Spot on, we all have a love for both Blues and heavier Sludgy bands and try to portray that love in a simple and catchy way, some of the best songs are the simplest! We would much rather be known as a blues band first (although the vocals are definitely NOT traditionally that style).

-how do you write the songs?

Traditionally Jamie and Simo had main influence in our writing style and my (Gareth’s) lyrics I fit in to the riffs at a later date, but we are always in the room together when writing and it generally is a lot of jamming to see what works and what does not.

-how is the scene in London, is it easy to play here, with good bands and in cool places?

The London scene is thriving at the Moment with promoters like Desertscene, When Planets Collide (which I run), Human Disease promo and Psykomajik being the 4 main people responsible for bringing everyone together in London. There is also Irongiant in Brighton, Buried in Smoke in Oxford and Heretic Promotions in Birmingham that all work together closely to ensure that the scene has grown to the size that it has and the success was proven by Desertscene this year with the first ever ‘Desertfest’ Festival which involved over a 1000 people invading North London to see nearly 100 bands over a weekend. That was an INCREDIBLE success and it only going to get better!

-which other band from London and around would you recommend?

Sedulus, Diesel King, Dead Existence, Trippy Wicked, Slabdragger, Sea Bastard, ENOS, XII Boar to name but a few!

-are you looking for a  record label to release your next stuff or do you prefer the DIY way?

DIY all the way… It is so much work but you have complete control of how and when your music is released! Record Companies know they are on their way out. It would be nice to have some sort of distribution deal though as help is always needed in getting your music in the shops and abroad…

-what do you plan for 2012 and for the future?

Get back playing live a lot more, Record another Split or NEW EP and sort out a European tour!!

-do you have a cool joke to tell us?

(Q)What’s the difference between a Ferrari F40, and a pile of Dead babies?

(A) I don’t have a Ferrari F40 in my garage at home!

-something more serious to add?

Politics, thats pretty serious ain't it!

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