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Domo plays a really psychedelic and spacey kind of rock with touches of rocking heavy blues and prog rock (the cover art is not cheating you, it really is spacey!). Their self titled record released in january 2011 is really a masterpiece and I cant' stress enough how good is it. Really one of the best discoveries for the year in psychedelic rock (with Pyramidal and Hollow mirrors. by the way Oscar Soler guitarist in Pyramidal plays the bass in Domo. You can read the review of the Pyramidal record with an interview that I did here). Great musicianship, great songwriting, great smoking riffs, good soli, trippy parts, rocking parts, a really cool listening experience. I could enter in long descriptions of the songs, but I prefer letting the music do the talking...
If you're into psychedelic rock you'll love Domo. If you're not, well, then chances are you'll get into it after listening to them (you've been warned)!

you can listen to this flawless record on the Domo bandcamp page.

and read this interview (tanks to them for agreeing to answer to my questions) :

- To start with can you present the band?

The band was formed on 2010. We are a power-trio of heavy-psych music from Alicante, Spain.

- How your first record Domo was composed and recorded? Was there an element of improvisation or jam?

Yes, there was an important element of improvisation and jam. Half record consists of some jams and improvisations that we played in the studio. We did some sessions based on different ideas and later we chose the best parts.

- Will the next one be a bit different musically?

It will probably be a little bit different,  some parts might be going in a different direction than the first album. We want to work a lot more on the structures of the songs and make it more progressive. It will be psychedelic and heavy but more sophisticated.

- Are the songs already composed? When will it be released?

We're working on some parts for the new record. It will be more conceptual so we have to think through how we´re going to structure and mix the different parts of it. Probably it will be released at the end of this year.

- Do you play your music live? If so how it is like?

Yeah, of course we do. Our performance is heavier and loud on stage but we still have that psychedelic groove on the gigs.

- On the record the songs are each one quite different, with a wide diversity of influences and sonorities, it seems to me that a song like Yamantaka has a kind of flamenco or (like other songs in the record) an oriental feel. Do you agree?

Yeah, well we try to put together a bunch of influences of many different music styles when we are composing and recording music. Maybe that influences comes from something we heard on our childhood or maybe that just comes out depending on our mood that day. Most of the time, it's just depends on the moment, sometimes it takes you to a particular place when you're trying to create something.

- How did you get into this kind of spacey, psychedelic, prog and heavy music? Which band in this styles do you like the most?

Well, there are a lot of good bands on the underground scene right now, and the classic heavy. spacey and psychedelic bands from the seventies are a great inspiration for us too… Bands like Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, Leaf Hound, Blue Cheer, Flower Travellin Band, King Crimson, Captain Beyond, Blues Creation... It's probably what we like most.

- Is there something special in the water in Alicante that helps bands to play this kind of music this well?

Haha, well we don't think so. Here, the scene it's not so big and of course it's a very underground scene. You don't have many options here and the people it's not very interested in this kind of music. Alicante is a tourist place where people come to party, drink and go to the beach. And beyond all that is where we are.

- What is planned in 2012 for Domo?

We're now very focused on composing the new album, that we expect to release at the end of the year, ... Before the world collapses and ends on the way that we know…We will keep doing heavy and psychedelic music for apocalyptic times...

- Something to add?

We really appreciate your support and thank you for your interest in our music!

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