lundi 14 mai 2012

Phobia-remnants of filth

Since their formation in 1990, Phobia from Orange county, California, delivers mercilessly their old school grind crustpunk. Their fifth LP, Remnants of filth (released by willotip) to come in june shows once again that it's not by chance that they are among the most respected grind act. The presence among them of Bryan Fajardo (Noisear, Kill the client, Gridlink) is also a good indication concerning "in which league they play". Don't need to tell you that with Remnants of filth you'll get a good dose of speed, blastbeat and d-beats, your crustmetal riffing and your angry vocals and fuck the system lyrics. Which is a really cool thing isn't it? not the least original, but really crushing and adrenaline fuelled!

Phobia myspace
Remnants of filth on BC

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