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Amnis nihili-Christological escalation EP

Amnis nihili from Greece offered us with their first (!) record, the EP Christological escalation, one of the best black metal records for 2011. 
In their own word they play "harsh and mesmerizing metal.Their sonic inspiration originates primarily from the french and norwegian masters, as well as from select industrial & ambient acts.". 
That gives indeed a good idea of how sound their music. Must be added that the EP shows a band not only with great musicianship and songwriting qualities but also really mastering its music and following its own path. 
It contains four tracks, three songs are intense and complex black metal with a great atmosphere (with the help of strong and menacing melodies and noise in the background) and even the noisy instrumental is not a filler.

But their music speaks by itself and is their best advocate, so check it for ex on their BC page. You can also read their blog

And your lucky because thanks to the guys in Amnis nihili that agreed to answer to my questions you can read it below :

-can you present the band, it’s history and it’s music?

A+D : Amnis Nihili has spawn from the ashes of a grindcore act that brought us two together back in 2006, and it has its beginnings in early 2008. Right now the band consists of D who handles guitars, ambience, programming, and of course being the creator, and A who handles guitars (from now), programming and ambience. Harsh and mesmerizing metal is the perfect description for the music that we perform. We strive to avoid boundaries and not to limit ourselves when we are in the mood of creation.

-do you play live? If so, do you usually share the scene with other black metal bands or with any kind of metal/hardcore bands?
A: We have yet to perform live mainly because the material is very challenging and besides me and D there are at the moment few persons that are able to transform the work into practical playing. But it will happen. The second part of your question is also not yet realised.

-I know that your singer P left the band recently. Do you already know who will handle vocals duty in the future? Will the band change a bit its musical orientation?

A: We have some possible candidates in mind, but there is no rush at the moment. And as for any change in musical direction, I wouldn't know since this is not how we do things in the Amnis camp. We simply do or do not. There are no fixed plans and no set scenarios.

-what is black metal in your opinion? What does it mean to you?

A: Black metal is a subgenre of metal music, an extreme form of art and expression, following some guidelines, some aesthetics and some concepts. To me personally it means a lot since I for the most part of the past 20 years have been dealing with it as a listener and as an artist. But it does not have any greater meaning than other genres of music, since again I have been studying music for the last 25 years. It simply speaks louder in my soul and touches some parts of my aesthetics harder than the rest.

D : In my opinion and as far as I am concerned, Black Metal, besides giving me aural satisfaction, is a genre that allows for more wide experimentations within its also wide spectrum. Although many think that Black Metal lies within a narrow band, it actually leaves a lot of space for Innovation.

-what I like in your EP is that you kept what’s the best in black metal, the atmosphere and dark intensity, but without being trapped in it’s formal limits, managing to add new elements in a way that keep the black metal sound and bring at the same time “new life” into it in a way. Is it intentional?

A: But of course it is! Everything is as it should be, and all is as it is for a reason. Nothing is left purely in luck. And thank you very much for taking such notice.

D : It is just how music emanates from within!

-I know you like the French BM scene, do you think you share with the best French bands this will to renew black metal to keep it at a high or higher level of “intense darkness with a sense of danger and impredictability” (one way to describe it maybe?).

D : What is important to us is to create music that sounds good and feels right. All else is irrelevant.

-in your opinion which are the elements in the music of Amnis Nihili that bring something new to the BM game?

A: I could not tell. This is not included in my concerns. Maybe D has more to say on the matter.

D : Something “new” is a big word to speak. Time will tell if Amnis Nihili has presented something new.

-which instrument is it in the middle of Infamous judeochristian seed? An accordion? The result is great anyway!

D : It is an ebow used on my guitar, with some clever use of delay and reverb.

-how do you add ambient/noise elements to your music, how do you see it? Tell us more also about your interest in noise and soundscapes.

A: Ambience and sounds are added when and where they are needed and when they have some meaning. Sometimes it is technical sometimes it is emotional. My interest is not so intence as that of D and P. They possess a fascination with soundscapes and atmospheres deeper than the depths of the ocean.

D: Because I am very into sound synthesis, I tend to make my own sounds when I need them, and not only then. Analog and digital processors help to form basic sound waves into complex atmospheres. Thus interesting elements come into being and of course into Amnis Nihili's music. Personally I am deeply involved with ambient/industrial/noise and experimental music in general, so it is a vital and natural part of Amnis Nihili.

-religion (especially Christian) is the main target in Christological escalation, I agree it deserves to be attacked, but isn’t money the god number one in today’s society? As a greek band I think you can easily relate to that, what do you think about it?

A: The lyrical concept of Christological Escalation was done entirelly by P. At the time we felt ok with it but since then a lot has changed, we have progressed and formed opinions different from those of the mainstream or even underground “true” or whatever black metal We do not endorse any attacks on any religion. We even went one step further and distanced ourselves from the anti- everything point of view of black metal. We do not believe this brings humanity a step closer to its inner humble beginnings nor does it help people experience life with a positive perspective. Money, and material goods have been the driving force for over 2 millenias and sadly this is not going to change any time soon. The problem is again people and how they have lost contact with their values, actually never having been taught any. Why should we as a greek band relate more to such a global phenomenon, than yourself? I do not understand this. 
D : Epxect different concepts from us in the future, in terms of lyrics, meanings, messages!

-what can you say about the next record? Are the songs already written?

A: The only thing I can surely say is that it will be a work with depth and essence which Christological Escalation only hinted at.

D : We are in the process of writing new material, but it is safe to assume that it is a lot more challenging than Christological Escalation was.

-what is planned for Amnis Nihili in 2012?

A : We like to do things slowly and let them mature inside before they are worked and shaped into form. We will have to see what's in store for everyone in personal and professional level this year. No news is good news.

D : We will intensify the writing of new music and the finding of suitable personas to make Amnis Nihili a functional band.

-want to add something?

D + A: Thank You very much for taking the time to devour our work and this interview. We do wish that something good and positive will come out. Take care!

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