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Male misandria is an unconventionnal black metal band from Italy. What they play is a a kind of radical and apocalyptic black grind punk filled with full speed blastbeats, harsh vocals scremed fiercely in italian or in english and simple and straight to your ears guitar riffs. Only really short (less than one or two min) and intense songs. It's band that you'll like if you find that traditionnal black metal is not agressive and straight to your face enough. If you want a comparison I'll say that it's in a similar vein to Anaal natrakh but punkier and minus the heavy metal melodies and clean vocals. They released a really good full lenght record in 2011 called E.Din and in 2012 a good split with Maleillance (one man primitive black metal band form Quebec).

Check it on their bandcamp page.

Their drummer, Magris, answered to questions I sent them (thanks!). You can read it below :

-can you present Male misandria, why did you form the band, why did you choose that name, how the band evolved until now, etc…

Hi, Male mISANDRIA were born in 2007 as a one man band by Dario. After the release of the first demo “Ubermensch” at the end of that year I’ve joined the band as drummer and soon Puja complete the line up as bass player. Male mISANDRIA is a name and a lifestyle that is the way we relate to all the situations that we lived at that time, and in a different way we live today. If the origins of its meaning was to take leave from each label to show how each of these was an excuse to hide their limitations, the same name today means using the contradiction that each of us lives in every situation to learn about ourselves and build an essence that can be true and immortal.

-do you play or have played in other bands?

Yes we all played in other bands before forming Male mISANDRIA (Esequie, Athwart, Aurgelmir and others). The reason why we came out of these bands is the same even after 4 years for which none of us have started a new experience more than Male mISANDRIA: we managed to create a microcosm in which each of our ideas and all of our needs find the way to be developed without any limit. This is why if you open our facebook page instead of seeing attempts at friendship with other bands you will find a flyer that invites you to participate in our tournament of tekken 5.

-can you present your last full length E.Din?

I think to describe E.DIN just read what is being said in reviews or interviews: "They look like anaal nathrakh", "Their sound recalls yacopsae", "Send me the cold and the solemnity of the darkest black metal" "in their work feels the origins of punk attitude " “ It’s a mix of Black Whitchery and Nerorgasmo” " I open the cd expecting to find face painting and I see three young guys dressed like blink 182". I think E.DIN represents the totality of what we were up to his recording, and the reviews show us to be able to express every detail of what we were.

-what about the split with Malveillance?

The split was our chance to make ourselves known overseas as well, and so far the responses were positive. Personally I hope to have the same kind of opportunity with a full length, where we would be able to show more broadly our proposal. These splits are likely to obscure many aspects, and end up promoting a message that is likely to be understood one way.

-I think your music is quite unconventional, do you consider Male misandria a is black metal band? Or just an extreme metal band? How would you describe the specificities of your music?

As I said when I spoke of E.DIN, groped it is very difficult to define what we do in terms of music. Language is the primary cause of most of the biggest mistakes made by mankind. If we speak in musical terms, the choice is yours to define us. The name that you choose would depend, however, by the language game of which you belong.

-some elements in your music remind me of Anaal natrakh, is it an influence for you? What influences your music?

I would not go to ridiculous, but I swear it before a few months ago, I had never even heard a song by Anaal Nathrakh. I'm sure Dario and Puja have listen to them, but I do not think are the main influences for composing songs. If you asked each of us what is the musical influence he used to write guitar riffs, the voice or the drums of a song, we would give you three different answers and totally embarrassing. Musically we are certainly influenced by all branches of more extreme metal, punk, hardcore and black metal, but it's just the musical, which in our case is a means not a purpose.

-what about your lyrics?

The lyrics deal with many themes and have evolved over the years. The guiding principle of all is the attempt to show how we see and live life in a way very different from that described in most texts in the field of extreme music. Ours is not a criticism of something, but an incitement to wonder why everyone always criticize something, society, religion, politics, their neighbor who does not want the music loud .... even the more mainstream songwriters write lyrics that are now out of fashion even for the times of VoltaireAmong Napalm Death and Lady gaga the only difference now is that they write the same things but she can buy an island in Hawaii and some decent clothes, and Barney would seem not.
What we want to convey is not a message of alarm, complaint or grievance. Hobbes said, "Homo Homini Lupus". We prefer to behave like lambs among wolves.

-with which kind of bands do you usually play, Black metal bands, grind, punk bands, all kinds of band?

Once we could just play with the younger bands of various genres, because the public and the band's most "true", when we played for them, came out of the place, probably because at that time to see Puja shirtless could embarrass those of its, that at the same age of us have the belly of a retired and not only the belly. But now it seems that things start to turn the right way and we have not had something goes wrong with anyone, in fact, ultimately we know great people of all ages.

-how is the scene in Italy? Which bands would you recommend?

I am not particularly interested in the current music scene in itself, so I can not give you a comprehensive answer. I think there are many bands that engage so much in what they do, rather they are aimed at themselves and therefore their produce is little useful, wasting a lot of energy. Culturally, however in our area began to be much excitement, and hopefully we can be of help to grow this air of creativity. In any case, there are some bands that really deserve to be heard in our area, such as Dominhate, Lamantide, veneror ..

-are you working on a new record? What can you say about it? What is planned for Male misandria in 2012?

We're working on a split with the above Lamantide for grindpromotion an Italian label. In addition to this we have already started working on our next full length and probably last in line with what has been done so far. We devote much time but we ensure a great job for the future.

-something to add?

Thank you for the opportunity you have given us to respond to this interview and for the attention given.

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