mardi 8 mai 2012

Pigs-You ruin everything

Dave Curran (bassist singer in Unsane), the drummer Jim Paradise, and the producer (Cave In, Converge, Made Out of Babies, Unsane, Keelhaul) Andrew Schneider are Pigs. They released in april 2012, with Solar flare records,You ruin everything, the first record of the band. And it's no surprise that what you get with it is high quality noise rock/metal, pissed off punk/screamed vocals, heavy grooves, vicious melodies, and dirty n' dusty atmospheres. As expected, songwriting, musicianship and production are top notch.
A highly recommended record for long drives and drunken nights.

Here are the replies of Andrew Schneider and Jim Paradise to my questions about Pigs (thanks guys!) :

-can you present the band for those not knowing you yet?
-AS. Andrew Schneider … I play the bass guitar, Dave Curran hits guitars and makes loud mouth noises
-JJ- Jim paradise, i play drums

-will Pigs be a live band? 
-JJ- has been and will continue to.
-AS. This year is a little funny as Dave is promoting the new Unsane Release with some hectic touring as well as doing sound for Melvins which is keeping him furiously busy . I am in the process of moving and rebuilding my studio Translator Audio which is about a 6 month endeavour and Jimmy is just opening his silkscreening business.  By the second half of the summer we will be playing shows again and we hope to make it your way by the end of the year or early next year.

-It seems to me that the listening of You ruin everything brings a feeling of frustration, unease and danger, do you agree? Is it intended?
JJ- yes , all of those feeling exist in our music. I can’t say that it is our intention. It’s just what happens when we get together in a room and write. We are older and individually have been playing for so many years. You get to a point where your sound is your sound. I personally feel most satisfied when im bashing the hell out of my drums. I think Andrew needs that loud fucked- up growly , rat pedal sound. And Dave plays guitar kind of bizzare and bombastic. All of that combined ends up uneasy and dangerous i guess.

-what drives you to play such a kind of music?
-A.S.- Pigs is pretty much the most organic band I have ever played in.  I could try to answer that question with some sort of heady philosophizing but honestly we find moments of time to be in a room together and this is what happens.  There is really no preplanning of what we want a song to sound like or where we want it to go etc., we just play off each other for a couple hours and there it is.  I guess we all like it loud.

-if Unsane is noise metal, then Pigs is more in noise rock vein, do you agree? How would you describe Pigs sound?
-JJ-  Noisey heavy rock. We like keeping a “groove” to our music, but all 3 of us tend to fuck with it a bit with subtle off-times or off song structures.
-A.S.- noisy and rock … that works … a poor mans AC-DC eightball

-how were the songs composed?
-JJ- it was a combination. A couple of the songs are older ones that Dave wrote and sent to me and the other original players in the band. The rest were me , Dave and Andrew writing together.

-what about the lyrics?
-A.S.- I still don’t know what the hell Dave is yelling about ….

-I think the cover art is a good choice, why did you choose this picture of two clowns as the cover art of You ruin everything?
JJ- I think there a few ways to view the cover, but i personally like the idea that McDonald’s ruins everything.
-A.S.- It still makes me laugh ….

-what are your goals for Pigs?
JJ- play more, record more

-tell us a joke.

-something to add?
-A.S.- Thanks for letting us talk about ourselves for a few minutes.
-JJ -we are very excited that our record is out and want to thank Mattieu and Solar Flare records. And thank you for the interview. cheers

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