samedi 26 octobre 2013

Agents of abhorrence - Relief (2013)

Aussie grind's Agents of abhorrence previous records were excellent, really grind but in an personnal way, sticking to grind basics and it's over the top intensity but avoiding streotypical song structures or sound. their new album, Relief, is also excellent, maybe their best release to date, and one of the grind record that impressed me the most this year. compared to their previous work, the guitar sound is thicker and the vocals lower (they have a new vocalist who is as good as the previous one, in a different style), overall they have some extra density to their sound. Relief is really in your face brutal, but it's never exhausting and never too much because the songs are really finely crafted, yes it's really songs, grind songs. pure agression but it's also "catchy", in a grind way, and even gets epic at moments. their ability to create such density and intensity in songs and bringing different shapes in grind (for exemple a somewhat "rocking" vibe in the riffing at times, and a drumming that is excellent for the blastbeats but also for slower parts) could place them at the side of bands like Nasum, Brutal truth or Pig destroyer. Grind at it's finest, uncompromising intensity and creativity.

two songs of Relief can be streamed on Soundcloud

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