mardi 29 octobre 2013

Beastmilk - Climax (2013)

Beastmilk, a new post-punk band from Helsinki, get noticed and created expectations with their excellent 7'' Use your deluge released last year. they are now back, once again with Svart records, witht their first album called Climax.  their sound reminds bands like Joy division or Fields of the Nephilim but is more punk and heavy and could be related also to The Misfits (including the vocals that are a bit Danzigesque). the album develops a good atmosphere, cold and intimate, it's filled with good melodies, and it also have enough energy to be a real "rocking" album (I'd say Climax is faster and less new-wave than was Use your deluge). it's crafted with a lot of taste and is highly addictive. each songs is a post-punk / gothic rock "hit". Use your deluge was already so good that it was a challenge to top it. but yes with Climax they did it again!  

here's their website.

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