lundi 7 octobre 2013

Oranssi pazuzu - Valonielu (2013)

The new Oranssi pazuzu arrive to take us to a new mind blowing musical trip! it's called Valonielu, released by Svart records (20 buck spin for the US) and it was one of my most anticipated album because I was completely won by their previous works (find HERE my review of their previous album, coming with an interview). expectations were high but I'm not disapointed! what's great is that they manage another time to do something different while maintaining the quality and keeping their special touch. this time the atmosphere is less dissonantly nightmarish and the vocals are the only black metal element remaining, the melodies are in brighter colours and the vibe and rhythms are more krautrock, with also more keys part in a sci-fi spacey mood. I'd say Valonielu would be more Can meeting Arcturus whereas Kosmonument was more Mayhem meeting King crimson. what remains the same, is the ability of the band to produce surprising music taking you far away in a surrealistic like trip.

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