jeudi 3 octobre 2013

Subrosa - More constant than the gods (2013)

Subrosa's previous album was one of my favourite release in 2011 (read HERE my review, going with an interview I did with one of their singer/guitarist) and More constant than the gods is already one of my favourite album released this year (on Profound lore records again). their special brand of metal, with heavy guitars, mid tempo epic doom songs, but also two electric violins and female vocals (clean and raw) is still extremely powerfull, but their sucess does not rely on the uniqueness of this combination, the new album follow the path of the previous one so i'm not surprised anymore by it's specificity. no, the key to the excellence of Subrosa is not their unique formula, it's just how extremely well crafted the songs are. excellent songwriting and excellent delivery, that's it. each one of the six long songs on the album develops a strong atmosphere, very emotionally charged (the excellent vocals helps!) and vibrant, with fascinating epic crescendo and climaxes. it's really heavy, and at the same time the melodies and the vocals lines stays in your head and grips you by the gut. as classy as it's cover art. it's different, but it's a classic.
 heavy metal at its best.

their Bandcamp.

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