samedi 19 octobre 2013

Church of the dead - vol 2 terror tales EP (2013)

this is the second Ep by Church of the dead (from Finland), it's called vol2 Terror tales and is the following of Stay out of my graves (which I reviewed HERE, with an interview of the band). I'm pleased to say that this second Ep is as good as the first one and maybe even better. it's really catchy old school death metal, not catchy because it's especially melodic (it's good crazy twisted death metal riffing all the way!), but because the songs are well crafted and going staight to the point, digging on the more trashier and punkier side of death metal for a perfect efficaciency in making you headbang and stamp your foot. good point also for the cool vocals, sounding different than most other deah metal bands, maybe it's a a bit higher, but sill really old school death. my only complain is that it's just three songs.
it's time to release an album guys!

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