dimanche 6 octobre 2013

Chaos echoes - Tone of things to come (2012)

Tone of things to come was one of the most interesting death metal album released last year, opening new possibilities of developement for the style. what Chaos echoes plays is firmly rooted in old school death metal, but with the addition of some dissonant riffing, of doom / drone elements, and, and that's the point, elements of free improvised music.  that special mix results in some truly creepy atmospheres. they dared to follow this path even further with the recording, as a duo (the Uibo brothers) of some entirely improvised track (it's called Duo experience / spectral affinities). i'd say Tone of things to come is a more solid release, but i'm convinced that following the improvised way they can produce some great music. a band to follow. anyway you have to check Tone of things to come.

 their bandcamp.

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