lundi 14 octobre 2013

Antigama / The kill / Noisear split (2013)

yep, Antigama, The kill and Noisear on the same split record, exiting isn't it? thanks to the excellent Selfmadegod records for releasing it. eleven tracks of the best grind by three among the best grind bands. each one having a special and personnal take on the style so there's diversity on this split which is always welcome. Antigama plays some modern, technical "sci-fi cyber grind" (justa  way of describing its atmosphere). The kill is more old school straightforward trashy grind, with really cool and efficient riffing and very fast drumming. and Noisear is modern and technical grind with the very special and original riffing of Dorian Rainwater and the drumming of Brian Fajardo. there could be a lot to be said about each of these bands, but hey, Antigama, The kill and Noisear sharing a split? enough said..just go for it!

the bandcamp page for the split.

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