vendredi 31 janvier 2014

Zodiac - A hiding place (2013)

Zodiac, from Germany, get some well deserved attention with a demo in 2012. their first album released in the end of 2013 is a clear confirmation of their quality. they play a tastefull blues infused hard rock, with an excellenty sense of melody and a wide range in the pentatonic fields. the album starts with an excellent song called "downtown" in a grooving  AC / DC style, but in the album you'll also find some smooth blues rock, some hard rock ballads (looks like they learned well from their fellows germans Scorpion!), and some Canned heat style boogie. well, the whole wide range of hard blues music.  lot of diversity for different kind of sonic enjoyment. an highly recommended listen! (fits well in my best heavy stuff of 2013 list, see HERE).

to start with you can stream their demo on Bandcamp.

and looks like you can stream the album there.

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