vendredi 27 mars 2015

Dead neanderthals - Body horror (2013)

Dead neanderthals present themselves as part of a New wave of dutch heavy jazz. And why not? I don't really know about the dutch roots of their music, i'd say they follow musicians of the european free jazz scene like the german Peter Brotzmann or the swedish Mats Gustafsson. And they sure are heavy! Body horror is not their latest release but I especially like this tape (released by Utech records). On it they play as a soprano sax / drums duo (which is not unusual in a free jazz context). On twelve minutes track they drag you in their relentless trance of howling sax (but with a somewhat lyrical feel and a direction, not just bursts of noise) and non stop free jazz drumming driving the sax with its pulsating beat. If you're into freee jazz in it's most radical form you have to listen to it. And it's a very good start for any metalhead / punk curious and brave enough to try listening to some free jazz. Highly recommended!

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