vendredi 20 mars 2015

Landskap - II (2014)

Landskap, a new band from London (UK) managed last year to release not only their excellent first album (I) but also a second one (called II) which is just as good ! It's the second that I'll review here (but don't fail to check the first one as well!). What they do is super classy and well-crafted doom with a 70' rock touch, including a somewhat progressive element, with even jazzy breaks. The guitars are heavy and the songs are rocking and epic but it stays melodic with excellent solos, subtle keyboards parts and singing that reminds The Doors (I mean both the keys part and the singing), like a hazy meeting of Black sabbath and The Doors, with maybe a Deep purplesque something as well. The album is four long songs plus a nice short instrumental theme. Captivating from start to finish. It's so good, finely crafted and addictive that I don't understand why this new band has been so unnoticed despite releasing not one but two excellent albums last year. That's beyond me... but what is sure is that I'm very pleased to have discovered it. Now it's your turn!

Their bandcamp page

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