lundi 23 mars 2015

Primitive man - Home is where the hatred is (EP 2015)

The Colorado monster is back! Primitive man, after Scorn, their terrific album in 2013, and some splits are back (still with Relapse records) with this four song EP  called Home is where the hatred is. And the beast is still as heavy and ugly for our pleasure. They play their own kind of death / doom where death is not only for the vocals but also for some blast beats parts and the additionnal "evilness" of the sound and atmosphere, and doom is for the bleak desperate feel, the slow parts and the absolute heaviness of the guitars (and drumming on the slow parts). The three long songs are fearsome masterpieces and the noisy instrumental outro makes sure the record ends on a bleak disturbing note. Excellent stuff once again from Primitive man!

The bandcamp page.

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