mardi 10 mars 2015

Evil Invaders - Pulses of Pleasure (2015)

With their first album Pulses of Pleasure, the Belgian band Evil Invaders committed  the perfect old school metal album. The album sits in between Judas priest, Iron Maiden and the first Metallica and Slayer albums.
Fast and trashy riffing, good crazy soloing, high-pitched singing and screaming reminding a young Tom Araya, an excellent heavy / speed rhythm section (with a bass that you hear well in the mix),  but above all an excellent songwriting that put them easily above most thrash / speed metal revivalists. And they're equally good for the thrashier faster parts and for the more epic / melodic parts (often combining the two in one song). Pulses of pleasure is a very exiting and addictive album, doing an impressive good job of reviving in a spontaneous and fresh way the passion that fuelled the era of speed / heavy / thrash metal it draws its inspiration from.  Such an album will be hard to surpass!

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