samedi 7 mars 2015

Full of hell & Merzbow (2014)

At first this collaboration sounds awesome, one big name of the recent powerviolence scene (Full of hell) with one of the big name of the harsh noise japanese scene (Merzbow). wow. Then listening to it is a bit disappointing,  it sounds a lot like a good Full of hell record, with some noisy interludes and a bit of noise layers added. on the four track you even wonder where the hell is Merzbow. that still would be a good album. but a disapointing collaboration, a "waste" of a big potential... (well it's a Full of hell album with Merzbow, not exactly a full collaboration) And then you listen to the second CD and it makes a lot more sense even it comes as a "bonus". But in fact it's the main interest here. Merzbow is the main protagonist on this second CD called Sister fawn, but Full of hell, and especially it's drummer are a great addition to the tracks. So what you have is good Merzbow tracks, sometimes more pure noise oriented (quite harsh at times), sometimes with more beats and groove (but still very bleak and aggressive), and the live drumming from Full of hell bring more dynamism to the tracks, and a more organic / live feel, also a kind of tribal / ritualistic beat adding to the mesmerising effect of Merzbow noise. The result is very interesting and convincing. Slower but sonically more extreme than Full of hell (but it's quite different so you can't really compare) and adding with good effect another element to Merzbow, creating something even more powerfull. 

The BC page for first  CD (Full of hell dominated)

The BC page for second CD (Merzbow dominated)

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