lundi 2 mars 2015

Megaton leviathan - Past 21 beyond the arctic cell (2014)

With a name like Megaton leviathan you'd expect some brutally heavy music. But no, that's not what they do, but it's excellent anyway. Their music is more in the vein of bands like Earth, Arbouretum or maybe even The silver mount Zion orchestra. The tempo is slow, the mood is quiet, layers of droning guitars, subtle arrangements, clean solemn / ritualistic  male and female vocals, acoustic guitar parts, cello parts. What is more especific in their sound compared to the bands previously cited is their somewhat psychedelic melodies (trippy in a tone more spacey / mystical than flower power, and with a oriental like flavour in one of the songs especially) and especially the nice guitar solos (or soli).  their album released in 2014, Past 21 beyond the arctic cell, is really crafted with taste and makes an enjoyable sonic journey.

Their BC page

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