lundi 30 mars 2015

Saturnalia temple - To the other (2015)

To the other, Saturnalia temple's second full lenght is right now the album to beat this year in the dark psychedelic doom genre. It's a very impressive album, displaying a very potent combination of the epic might of heavy metal, the heaviness and ominous feel of doom and the weird trippy vibe of dark psychedelia. The overall impact and atmosphere of the album is great and there's also some very strong songs that stands out and really deserves by themselves a listen (I especially like the title track and black sea of power, but the other songs are also great). To the other is faultless and in my opinion it's a  strong contender for best doom album this year. If you like bands like Electric wizard or Nibiru this is a mandatroy listen.

The bandcamp page.

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