dimanche 25 novembre 2012

Aluk todolo-Occult rock (2012)

This record shines like a dark star, brilliant and very special. you can call it kraut ambient black metal or psychedelic noise rock or just occult rock but what is sure is that it's a an impressive record and a special listening experience. this french isntrumental trio, called Aluk Todolo, tries with their third record Occult rock to create some ritualistic occult music (they are into Aleister Crowley and stuff like that) and even if I can't take the "occult" thing too seriously I have to say that the hypnotic and "mind blowing" qualities of their music is indeniable and strong. Aluk todolo sound like no other band. really well done repetitive drumming patterns, noisy basslines and spacey kraut tenebrous riffing makes  Aluk todolo's recipe and the effects are powerful and stongly addictive. you've been warned...don't miss this record it will stay for the coming aeons as one of the best and striking, record of this year. Highly recommended.

Aluk todolo website
Aluk todolo on Soundcloud

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