jeudi 1 novembre 2012

Vitamin X-About to crack (2012)

If you're looking for a no bullshit straight to your face and full of energy hardcore / punk record, Vitamin X from Amsterdam can really be a good option. here's how they present themselves : "VITAMIN X is a straightforward, fast and aggressive hardcorepunk band...and yes, we're also straight edge. We started this band with the idea to bring back fun and politics in hardcore and make people think and laugh at the same time." I can add that their music reminds me of crossover bands, but they stay on the punk side of the crossover. with also something like a punk'n'roll vibe with the fast and melodic solos. It's their fifth record, I don't really know their older stuff but they seems to continue on the good direction they already had. The cool label Tankcrimes released About to crack in september and you can listen to it on their Bandcamp.

Tankcrimes / Vitamin X-About to crack on BC

other Vitamin X records on BC

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