samedi 17 novembre 2012

Water torture / Thedowngoing split EP (2012)

when you team a destructive noisy fastcore bass/drum duo with a punishing noisegrind duo what do you get?
yes, something that's not for your grandma...the ruined buildings pics on the cover artwork of this record works well as a good evocation of what happens in your brain when you listen to this split.
who are the guilty parties?
two rising stars of the PV noisegrind scene : Water torture from Buffalo US and Thedowngoing from Australia (HERE's the reviews and interviews I did related to Thedowngoing). they are touring together the US and I let you imagine the path of destruction they are leaving on their wake...
Nervealtar records is the third culprit releasing this split vinyl/digital EP as a tesimony of the damages done.

Water torture plays eleven songs in 3 minutes. I have mixed feelings about their part of the split. I like short and fast songs but this time I feel that these tracks are to short to be songs. its more bursts of noise. in itself it's not a problem, can be cool, but maybe here it's too short to be really interesting. it starts blasting and you start getting into it and then it stops. it's a bit frustrating...but as a teaser for their live shows it's not bad because I think chances are their live shows are a way more effective and interesting experience than these tracks.

Thedowngoing part of the split is one long track (nearly five minutes, do you believe it?), but it's a collection of songs so it's a bit the same stop and go experience than wih Water torture. but in my opinion it works a lot better. it manages to grab you and stuck you into their whirlwind of audio fury, maybe because there's more heaviness and grooves in the songs (but maybe they're a bit cheating, you know the songs even have riffs! compared to water torture its bordering prog rock!).

as a whole it's a cool split, the Thedowngoing part being more effective and impressive in my opinion.

but the more important thing is that if you can see them destroying your city during their tour, don't miss it!

bandcamp page of the split
Nervealtar blog

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