vendredi 23 novembre 2012

Drawn and quartered-Feeding hell's furnace (2012)

This record is all about vicious riffing and blastbeating used with talent to create good songs pulsating with a morbid and evil feel. Good ol' death metal the way it should be? yes that's it, exactly! Feeding hell's furnace is releeased by Nuclear winter production and it's Drawn and quartered (from the US) sixth LP. If you like old school US death metal (it's more Immolation side's of death metal than Entombed) I'm pretty sure you'll like it because it has no weak points but is full of good, memorable, moments, and the songwriting and musicianship are simple but deadly efficient. it's more about creating a darkly majestic vibe than about speed and technical chops and it's fine since it works very well. recommended.

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